Alix Chang

Tiana, the genius behind URTHYGIRL events, is honestly the world's best event coordinator.

As someone who's been in a few weddings that haven't had good coordination, it was of utmost importance to me for my own wedding to find a coordinator who would ensure a smooth wedding day. From our very first phone call I could tell that Tiana was organized, motivated, experienced, but still down to earth (and loves a good party, which is important when you're putting on an event) with a warm and friendly personality.

We opted for month of coordination and she took over my vendor contracts with ease and communicated with them exclusively which freed me up to work on my DIY decor. All of our vendors showed up on time to the right place thanks to her communication, and our entire wedding day was SO seamless... it really felt like someone had thrown a giant wedding party (we had almost 170 guests) for us and we didn't have to worry about a thing. For our wedding, this was honestly a feat because we had so many moving parts (we did a tea ceremony in addition to the traditional wedding elements), as well as a ton of decor that needed to be set up. I felt like she had everything handled at all times and was super professional, anticipated everything, never frazzled, and always there when you needed something despite somehow being in every place at once behind the scenes.

We gave a brief explanation of how to set up the decor and also gave room for some artist creativity on her part and we were blown away by how gorgeous everything was set up. It was way beyond our expections and it looked like a wedding out of a magazine or blog and I have to give the credit to Tiana for giving us tips/suggestions during our venue walkthrough and for the final set up.

If you are like me and you read all the reviews and look for that one review that gives you *that feeling* that makes you call for an inquiry/commit to booking, I hope that this one is it for you because Tiana is a top notch event coordinator and I guarantee she will make your event gorgeous, seamless, and utterly perfect. If I could give URTHYGIRL events one hundred stars I would!!